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Adding history to contacts

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Adding history to contacts

I'm using ACT Pro v16 and I am wondering how you add a note/history to a contact ( I may not be saying that right)


For example, I want to add to allof our contacts that they were included in the 2013 Winter mailing so, for next year's mailing, we know who is a new customer.


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Re: Adding history to contacts

Would adding those contacts to a group solve your question?


Otherwise you could go to <Tools><Define Fields>, take a user-field and rename it, or create a new field, called "latest mailing", and check the "Record History" with that field.


Put the field in the layout

Make a lookup from the mailing contacts

Use <Edit><Replace>

Put the value "Winter 2013" in the field "latest mailing", and you have a history entry....


If you need extra info on defining fields or changing layouts let me know.


Hein Campmans