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Adding a field to the HISTORY screen

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Adding a field to the HISTORY screen

Hey guys!


Listen, I am using ACT! Premium 2011 and have quite the question for you guys.  Let me build the watch a little for you.


First, I thought ACT! was a place to record history of all sorts when communicating with a client.  I own a software company that interacts with about 500 clients.  The call is usually initiated by the client.


When we receive this call, we document the time/date/conversation/etc. on a summary call sheet.  No big deal so far, right?


I have set up on the COMPANY layout, a place for a CALL CODE.  This is a field that is a pulldown menu to select things like:




300 - MISC


(I've kept it simple for example sake!)


This field make an HISTORY entry when they are changed, so that isn't the problem.  What I was HOPING was, when I click on the HISTORY tab and right click the area below to RECORD HISTORY... the NEW HISTORY screen would contain the pulldown list and while filling out the detail of the call I could also pull down the CALL CODE so it is entered along with the HISTORY all at the same time!


Maybe the question is, when selecting the HISTORY TAB, can I add columns to that screen?  At least from there I could enter the proper CALL CODES at that point.


Nonetheless, I need to ability so search for all CALL CODES that equal 200, etc.


Am I barking up the wrong tree?






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Re: Adding a field to the HISTORY screen

To answer your basic question, no you can't add a field to the historys. You likely could come up with a workabke procedure, I suspect that what you would really like in an individual call history for each contact, one that would be specific and what you wouldn't need to sort through all the history entries for those that intesest you. For that I would suggest implementing a custom one-to-many table in the ACT! database to track the call history. There are several third party plugins that take advantage of the custom table capability in the ACT! database, the one I use is TopLine Designer.

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