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Adding a book list etc to Act

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Adding a book list etc to Act

Hi All,


New to ACT and looking for the ability to track books and DVD's I send to my clients, and other miscellaneous tools. I am looking for a recommendation on how to do this. I am using the latest version of ACT and is a single user copy.




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Re: Adding a book list etc to Act

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Usually the best way to track things that you do for a contact is by recording them in the contact's History.  Under the contact's History tab, click the Record History icon and enter in the information as you see fit.
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Greig Hollister

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Re: Adding a book list etc to Act

I think ghollister's response is excellent.  If you keep a lot of history, it may be difficult to see what you sent several weeks later.  Of course you can use the search feature that allows you to look at just as one contact's history.  Remember to always use a key word as you create the history to make the search a little easier.


Here's another idea.  If you aren't using the secondary contacts tab to any degree, enter the information there.  Then all you have to do is click on the tab and see a list of what you have sent.


And finally, you may want to consider using the groups feature.  I am frequently asked by management to present a new product or service to a certain type of customer.  I use groups, sub-groups, and sup-groups to the sub-groups for this purpose.  Here's a tips for using this feature, though.  As you build the sub-groups consider repeating the parent name and add the subordnate name as the entry in the contact's group listing is the name of the group and does not include the parent structure.  For example, you might want to set up your mailings as:



  Mailed Books

    Mailed Book Title 1

    Mailed Book Title 2

    Mailed Book Title 3

  Mailed DVD

    Mailed DVD Title 1

    Mailed DVD Title 2

    Mailed DVD Title 3


By using the sub-group method, you will minimize the number of groups that show up when you click on the group icon.  And, of course, any one contact can be a member of any number of groups. 


One other pont, the ability to show the groups in a tree structure like above is to be able to find the group you are looking for.  Each entry is a group on to its own.  Meaning tha the group "Mailings" does not include all the sub-group entries. 

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Re: Adding a book list etc to Act

Thanks for the reply. That is exactly what I was looking for. Notes will not work for me at all unfortutantely but second contacts and Gorups wil ldo a treat. Appreciate it.