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Adding Unlimited Claims, Vehicles, Addresses, Claims For Each Contact in ACT 2009?

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Adding Unlimited Claims, Vehicles, Addresses, Claims For Each Contact in ACT 2009?

I have a small Property & Casualty insurance agency that uses ACT.  I mainly write personal lines with some commerical lines and have a need to track many, many policies per customer.  I may have dozens of policies per customer, once I include cancelled policies, renewals, rewritten policies,  policies from previous agents,etc.


I have purchased ACT 2009 some time ago and just never have spent the time to convert this property and migrate to the newer ACT 2009 from ACT 6.0.


I have customized ACT 6.0 to have custom field for up to 6 policies, but I have to delete out old information from the older policies if  want to track the current stuff.    I have also thought about creating many more fields for additional policies, but do not want to "unnormalize" things more than they already are.   Plus, I do not know how any additional changes may affect any future conversion. 


I would love to be able to enter in many policies, and also many claims, vehicles, addresses, family members, etc., and all their associated information, without having to to create a limited number of custom fields. 


I did see that ACT 2009 has got a place for an unlimited number of additional people for each contact.   I also see that you can add an addresses for each of the people added to a contact.   If something similar to this can be done for other fields in ACT 2009, it may be worth it for me to just go ahead and convert.  


Any ideas on how to track unlimited policies, vehicles, addresses, claims, etc. in ACT 2009?  




Kevin Smith


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Re: Adding Unlimited Claims, Vehicles, Addresses, Claims For Each Contact in ACT 2009?

Kevin -


Beginning with an update to Act! 2008 -> v10.02, Sage added to the Act! developers toolkit, the ability to add custom tables, for exactly the kind of application you are referring.


With the addition of a special add-on - we like Top Line Designer, but there are several - you can now create custom tables populated with custom fields you create, in very much the same fashion as creating standard contact fields in Act!


With such a tool you can create a new table for each of policies, renewals, vehicles, etc.  Each table will of course allow from 0 to unlimited records, 1 per item being tracked.


This simplifies searching, etc.


Check out the Top Line Results Designer trial and play with it on a copy of your database or the Act! demo database to get a feel for how it works.  It even includes a tool that will help you move your old Act! 6 fields into the appropriate tables.