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Adding Drop Down Menu to all Fields

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Adding Drop Down Menu to all Fields

I may be the village idiot (most would say that), but I'm working with the ACT 2010, and it seems like the drop down menus are not automatically attached to all fields as a default as they were in ACT 6.


With ACT 6, a drop down menu could be automatically added simply by clicking on the arrow at the end of the field, or by clicking F2.


It seems that on ACT 2010, you need to add a drop down menu to each field through the Define Fields option, a much more time-consuming option.  Is there a global setting that will enable me to always have the drop down menu available by clicking an arrow, or with another simple step, or will I need to set this for each field with each database? (I can develop a Master database that includes drop down menus on all fields, but this will not help if I convert an ACT 6 database to the ACT 2010 format).