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Adding Document Shortcuts and relinking them

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Adding Document Shortcuts and relinking them

Hi, I have just upgraded my Computer and upgraded my ACt to 2010 so as it will run with my new Windows 7. All went well, however all my document shortcuts are no invalid as the shortcut links are not pointing to the exact same place as they were on my other PC. Is there any way to re-link these to a new location or are they all lost. EG.. link was pointing to H:\Documents\test.xls now needs to go to D:\Documents\test.xls.

Any help appreciated as i have thousands.



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Re: Adding Document Shortcuts and relinking them

There is no function within Act! that will re-link the shortcuts.


If your files are located in a single folder, you may want to try creating a new partition H with the same folder path and copy the files into that new folder.  That way Act! will be able to find the path.


Certainly there are valid reasons for using shortcuts, but going forward you may want to consider attaching the document directly to the database.  This way a copy of the file is placed within the 'databasename-database files\attachments' folder and will remain with the database even when moved to a different computer.

Greg Martin