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Add-on email tracking software

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Add-on email tracking software

We have the latest version of Act. Can anyone tell me of an add-on software that we can host locally? I know about Swiftpage but we are looking for software that would be a one-time purchase with no monthly costs for the service. We want to track opens & clicks. We are a small company with a small budget.
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Re: Add-on email tracking software


Well I don´t know any free ACT add-on. What I can tell you is that I am using "Mailinfo" ( in last two years.

It is paid (about U$6,00 a month) and t works very well.

I call my customers and some people say: "You are a lucky guy. I have just got back to my desk checking my e-mail and you called me. - What a coincidence" !!

It is not a coincidence ! Mailinfo really works !

Take a look and I hope this help you in some way.


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Re: Add-on email tracking software

To do this without a service like SwiftPage isn't a cheaper option...


You need the email servers that can first change any URLs in the outgoing emails to links from a hosted database. Then receive the clicks, provide the correct URLs and log them. Then it would just need a tool to report on the logs and maybe link that data back to ACT!


Apart from the investment in the servers and bandwidth, the costs for you to maintain the local servers would probably exceed the costs of SwiftPage

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Re: Add-on email tracking software

MailInfo looks interesting... shame it doesn't link to ACT!.


Also, because it doesn't send for you, you'd still be restricted to Outlook's limit of around 100-150 contacts in a merge.


Not sure if it would help the original poster as it only detects opens, not clicks... it would need to send the email and change the links of URLs to do this