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Add-ins How to remove

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Add-ins How to remove

I see a LOT of correspondence on this topic and NOWHERE do I see a simple workable response.


It is TOTALLY unacceptable that a program uninvited spews (badly written) add-ins all over other applications.  I refer specifically to MS Office.  Why are we not politely asked "Would you like to install the Act Word add-in?"  "Would you like to install the Act Outlook add-in?" etc, etc.  Instead these add-ns are automatically installed as part of the main Act installation routine.


There used to be an Add-in manager (up to Act V 2013).  What happened to that?


OK, you can go into 'Options' in the various Office applications and remove the Act COM add-in.  It just keeps coming back!  In Excel; it will not even uninstall - see error in attached Word file.  This is what I get when trying to remove the Act Add-in from Excel.


Been using Act forever but am beginning to seriously think about another CRM.


Here are the details in case you think you can advise me how to remove ALL Act add-ins cleanly and simply.


Win 10 Pro


Act Pro V Update 7


Office H & B 2016