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Add/Remove Opportunities

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Add/Remove Opportunities

I am learning how to create opportunities and I would like to add more than one. When I click on Add/Remove, does that only allow me one opportunity to add or can I have several? When I click on the opportunity it takes me to the add/remove page. Would you be able to assist me from here? That is if I am able to add more opportunities.

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Re: Add/Remove Opportunities

Hello ipsstaffi...


Welcome to the community forum.  You will benefit from some of the smartest consultants who frequent this board, and then you will get a response from me.  The gurus are quick to rectify my inadvertent misdirection from time to time.


As I read your question below, I was wondering exactly you were clicking to add/remove.  Any contact or any company can have multiple opportunities, and any opportunity can have multiple companies and multiple contacts.  I generally create a new opportunity from the contact's record so that the contact is assigned to the opp; however, be aware that when you do a list of opps, the contact displayed is the first in the alphabetical listing of all the contacts added to an opp.  That is why I ended up creating a drop-down field called "end user". 


hope this helps.

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Re: Add/Remove Opportunities

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The add/remove pertains to adding a contact record membership to a specific opportunity. Not used to delete a Opportunity.

One prob that requires a ACT! work-a-round is when you have multiple opportunities for any given Employer-Contact record.

The prob is when you try to print report for a single opportunity, else you get all opportunities for that given employer-contact record in your report. The solution is easy and does work though.Smiley Happy

Start from the Employer Contact Record, then from Opportunity TAB, Create new opp,

Then you will be taken to Opportunities module of ACT!, create your oppp, including the use of the Products TAB,

Make the Est Close Date field set to a unique date into the future that no other opportunity is using,

create lookup on that date field, then run report using that unique opportunity Estimated close date.

then after printing report for a single job post, set that date back to desired est close date in your opportunity.

Do this print report procedure before you add any additional memberships to that specific opp. Such as adding a Candidate-Job seeker Contact Records membership to a Opp.



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