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Activity is evaporating

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Re: Activity is evaporating

Not the case for me. When I book an acitivity type that now has disappeared (meeting for ex.), it appears - so no filtering is at work. Where in the $%^$#@ did my activities go? I have plenty to do, but I don't know what and for whom?
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Re: Activity is evaporating

This sounds like the activities have been removed (how - unknown). If you have a backup of the database, you can use the Restore As function (File > Restore > Database > Restore As) to restore the database to a new name and look for the missing activities.
Greg Martin
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Re: Activity is evaporating


I suppose I need to get in the habit of making a backup prior to any sync and then be prepared to restore the backup, thus not getting any information that should have come through the sync..  Not a workable solution in my book.  Is there a way to completely remove all ACT and sql files and reinstall in the hopes that such an action might correct the problem.  Obviously I should do a backup first.