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Activity Series

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Activity Series

Hi, I'm currently using ACT 10.0 and am setting up an activity series. 


The first problem ... When I assign each future activity to a different worker in our office, it "looks and acts" like it was set up correctly - however When I actually assign the activity series to a client - the future activities don't show up on the "task list" for the workers I assigned it to.  It just lists it in the client's "activity" tab.


The second problem ... When creating the activity series - under edit list I type in the value and then it asks for a description, so I enter that too - NOWHERE does that description show When the "activity" comes up?  What am I doing wrong?


very frustrated,



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Re: Activity Series



Did you change users in the Task List as you should be able to see it there under the other users tasks besides in the clients activity TAB. This was an issue some time back but I am not sure this was resolved in version 10.


The description I assume is you are referring to is when you put in the series. This does not come up in the activity but is rather to describe about the activity series and you will only see this when managing the series. If you want to put more details into the specific activity you need to put these into the regarding as the description is not available to add to the series.



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