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Activity Icons / Type Name / Tracking Activities

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Activity Icons / Type Name / Tracking Activities

I am building a database for a Montessori school inquiries and enrollment. During the inquiry process there are several checkpoints like: Info Packet Sent, 1st Follow-up, 2nd Follow-up, Visited, Enrolled, Waitlisted, etc.


I thought I would use activities for this since I could easily add these as custom activity types. It would give me scheduling reminders and notes capability which looked like a perfect match. I have not considered a sales cycle approach since activity seems to fit nicely.


1) The activity type NAME doesn't seem to appear anywhere outside of the drop down. That is, the activity and history lists show the icon but not the textual name of the activity. Actually, in history, it appears that this is a default ICON for custom activities. Does this name show up anywhere?


2) I have created a couple of custom icons which I thought would do the trick. I could create an icon with a 1 for the 1st follow-up, and 2 for 2nd, etc. However, while I can attach the icon it doesn't display. What are the specifications for the icon (16x16, 32x32, 16 color, 256 color, etc.)? I created them with MS DevStudio icon editor.


3) It might be nice to show in a quick fashion what activities were completed. My thought is a set of check boxes. Is there a simple way for me to set the check boxes automatically? I haven't used the ACT Dev Kit so don't know if there is obvious answer but thought I could write a MS SQL trigger and add it. Any thoughts?


4) I noticed as I was typing this the "regarding" field on an activity. It would be double entry but that field seems to show up nicely on the history tab. However, I don't see quickly where I can edit the regarding list. Where is that? Could I set regarding automatically?



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Re: Activity Icons / Type Name / Tracking Activities

For tracking purposes, I think that using the activities as you described would not be the best way because the results of each step is recorded in History, not the activities. I do think that using an activity series would be a good way to establish date specific reminders. The opportunities would provide notation of the current stage but wouldn't provide the best tracking information. My choice would be to use one of the addons to add a one-to-many table to the database. How you would format the table (think of it as similar to a spreadsheet) would depend on just what you wanted to track. The big plus is that it would give you an instant overview of the progress of each inquiry
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