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Activities and Birthdates

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Activities and Birthdates

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We recently upgraded to ACT 2012 and we have encountered several things over the past 6 weeks.

1) why do our client's birthdate's have times after them and is this why I can't  produce a group with birthdates in a specific year?


2) When clearing a single activity from the calendar why do we sometimes ended up with the activity just crossed out but not deleted from the calendar?


3) setting up reoccuring activities, as we look at the activities list  an birthday will show for the years 12 and 13 for the wife and only the year 2012 for the husband. Or a reoccuring activity will not show at all and after we enter it, it will show up twice a couple of days later when we check


4) The other day the boss had 52 activities carry over when the day before his calendar was clear.




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Re: Activities and Birthdates

1. All of the dates stored in SQL will have a full date/time, however you shouldn't be seeing this within the database. Are you seeing this on the personal info tab for the contact in question? Regardless, you should be able to use this field for criteria for a group.


2. The visual indicator for a cleared activity will be a strikethrough, a deleted activity will be removed.


3. On the activity tab, only the next occurrence in the recurrence pattern should be shown, the only time it should show a recurring event past the next, is if an activity within the pattern is modified. Any schedule activity that you have visibility for, should show up immediately, if it doesn't try refreshing (F5)


4. It's possible that there were activities in the past that were set to roll over, but not necessarily ativities from yesterday.

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