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Activation codes confusing Act

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Activation codes confusing Act



Recently started at a new company and installed Act 2010 on the new laptop.  I do not have Administrator rights, and am only  user.   I'm the only person in the company who uses Act.


As a non-administrator I opted to register Act via email.  After several days I never received the email response with the Activation code, so I opted for the phone option.


The CSR on the phone gave me an activation code, which I entered and Act indicated i successfully registered.


However, every time I start Act now it keeps asking me if I received the *email* with the activation code.  It gives me the option to enter the activation code, and when i enter the one I received verbally Act starts and acts like it is all good.   However this happens every time I start it up so i suspect on startupp it still thinks I am trialing the software.


I tried to reinstall and start all over again, however an error occurs preventing me from doing that.


So, how do I get Act to register properly?





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Re: Activation codes confusing Act

In order for ACT to register properly, you need to be able to write to the windows registry.  You only need local admin rights during the installation process and then they can be turned off.  Without ever doing this, I doubt you will find a long term solution as it is a requirement.  Can you call your IT Dept and have them install the program/register the program and then turn it back over to you with the more limited role?

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