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I have screwed up my act2009 database due to a computer crash.


I then got - The database xxxxxxxxxxxx could not be accessed. In order to access this database, check your network connection and verify that your database server is available.  It may be necessary to disable any firewall software on your computer or server.


I have tried everything on the sage suppoirt page


as the darabase was shown as suspect in the actdiag.


However now I cannot recreate database and receive the message below







Kind regards



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Re: Act2009

I suspect that not all of hte database was copied back properly following the computer crash. Do you have a way to go back to the backup or the original drive?


You may consider hiring a consultant to help you make sure. Not doing this correctly could cause a lost of your data.


What I would do would be to go back to the original drive. Look for the ADF, the ALF and hte supplemental files folder for the database and copy them to the "new" system,


Then detach the suspect database via ACT Diag (don't delete the files)


Then reattatch the original database, using file, open, and open the ADT (not the .pad file)


Again, you may want to use a consultant as there are more options and all of them technical.

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Re: Act2009

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Hello Visage_Zee,

Unfortunately, it does look like the database is damaged and will need to be repaired or restored from backup. However, there is one thing you can try:

- Close ACT! and all other running appplications

- Open ACTDiag and detach the database (if attached)

- Browse to the location of the database files and rename the .ALF file for the database (CorporateImageManagement2012.alf) by adding "OLD" to the end of it.

- In ACTDiag, go to Tools > Attach ACT! Database > Missing Log File

- Browse to the .ADF file for your database and attempt to reattach it, then open it


Greig Hollister

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