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Act vs competition

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Act vs competition

I am looking for some feedback on how everyone here likes ACT compared to the competition such as Microsoft CRM, Salesforces, etc.


I am looking into finally getting a CRM program for my business. Right now we use excel spreadsheets to track all the lastest information on our customers. My business basically has sales people scattered throughout the US. I want a CRM that will allow the salespeople to interact with it even though they are on the road. The Cloud setup interested me, but I am still having trouble deciding as the Cloud is much costlier per month it seems than an on premise server. Any feeback you can give me about some of this CRM software is much appreciated as I am trying to see what the best solutions are out there from our business.

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Re: Act vs competition



You have to call technical support, there are different product like software you can install in the system and sync with laptop and mobile and like.....

- cloud software

-access through web

-Act on mobile



all you can't go through it, better call techsupport for ACT, Microsoft CRM if you have any , sales force, they can explain according to your business needs.



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Re: Act vs competition

Hello Falcon7xx,


I think more information is needed for you; however, ACT should not be compared to SalesForce or Microsoft CRM as those are generally enterprise.  SalesForce could work, but it is pretty expensive for a small company.  So, some questions:


1.  How large is your sales force?

2.  Do you have someone technical taking care of your requirements?

3.  Could you put up and maintain an IIS server to support remote synchronization?

4.  Are you willing to engage an ACT Consultant for advice and ultimately to deploy?  (I am not one).


A little more information might give you better insight from this board.  BTW, this board is one of the reasons to select ACT.

John Purdy
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Re: Act vs competition

Here are the answers to your questions.


1. We have 10 people for our sales team.

2. I have a local IT guy that helps with things.

3. I dont have the answer to this as i would have to ask my IT person.

4. Yes i am willing to talk to a ACT consultant.




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Re: Act vs competition

I'll try to help with some information:


- Since you have 10 sales persons, plus yourself (I assume), you'll need to go with the Sage ACT! Premium version.  The Pro version is limited to 10 active users.


- Included with the Premium version are: workstation installs (sharing or remote databases), web access (access database through Internet Explorer), and Mobile (accessing database from browser on handheld devices). 


- Hosted solutions provide all the benefits of the Premium version without having to purchase and host the program yourself.  Should you require workstation installs (remote databases), the hosting provider may charge an additional fee.


- If your existing infrastructure is sufficient, you may want to host the Premium version on your own server.  Basically a 1-time up front cost vs. montly service fees.  Note: Self-hosting does require a static IP address which may an additional charge by your Internet provider.


- While the options available in the installed program and those available through web access are continuing to narrow with each release of Sage ACT!, they may be a factor when deciding which solution is the best fit.  Here is an article with a list of differences:  KB Article 29493


- With a hosted solution, you will generally be upgraded to current builds of Sage ACT! at no additional charge.  Ask hosting provider to determine if charge or not.


The decision of which is best, hosted vs. self-hosted, is dependent upon the situation.  Every situation can have different variables making the decision unique.


I agree that talking to a ACT! Certified Consultant (ACC) can help you make the right choice.  Here is a web page to help locate an ACC: Locate ACT! Certified Consultant




Greg Martin
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Re: Act vs competition

are there any consultants that are on here as I do not have a certified consultant in my area?

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Re: Act vs competition

There are several of us that follow the community. Most including myself do wirk remotely.

Roy Laudenslager
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