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Act v17 Pro sync issues with Outlook 2016

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Act v17 Pro sync issues with Outlook 2016

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Hello community,


Current set up:

Windows 10

Outlook 2016, part of Office 365 Business but downloaded locally.

Act Hot Fix 2

Database stored on one computer, shared to 1 other computer on same network.


I am having a lot of sync issues between Outlook and our Act database, as in it doesn't sync!  About 1 in 4 times the sync works, but takes 30 minutes-1 hour to complete.


I have tried both 1 way sync and 2 way sync, and neither is consistent.  The auto synchronize settings are established to sync every 10 minutes, but it doesn't error or even attempt and then error doing the sync.  When you manually ask it to sync contacts or calendar, it opens the Act Integration window, but then just sits there on 'Connecting to Act' or 'Getting All User Preferences'  It's not like the program is unresponsive.  You can still hit cancel on the Act Integration window and the program will respond.


One attempt did complete with the error: 

Error in_HrGetIDs

Description: From Names:800706BA

Source: Redemption.RDOContact Item


Any solutions or workarounds for this issue?  Is anyone else having this problem?


Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.