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Act! using Parallels (Mac)...HELP!!!

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Act! using Parallels (Mac)...HELP!!!

Ok...bought Act! two weeks ago. Seven or so tech support convos, hours out of my life, lotta frustration so far...not the happiest customer. So here's my situation: 


I'm a financial professional using a Mac (in an unfortunate world where everything is Windows-based). With that said, I've been running Parallels to use most of our planning software as well as Outlook Exchange email (for some reason, even with Snow Leopard, our Exchange won't work with Entourage...bummer). Anyways, I've since invested in Act! for Financial Professionals (which I believe is the 2009 version). Since then, my machine has not worked right: Outlook has been acting up, my appointments get rescheduled, my appointments reappear even after they've been deleted (no congruent sync between Act and Outlook), my emails won't attach properly to my Act! contacts in their history, there's been issues with the Act! calendar, Coherence hasn't been 100% (my Parallels tools isn't working properly...mouse isn't moving seemlessly between the two systems). Has anyone else out there that's using Act! on Parallels had any issues? If so, any suggestions to rectify the situation? Thanks for your thoughts.

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Re: Act! using Parallels (Mac)...HELP!!!

I am no Mac expert, but isn't Parallels like VMWare in that a complete version of the Windows OS is installed inside the virtual machine sitting on your Mac host?


That said, the goal of this type of software is to make the guest environment every bit the same as it would be if your were just running Act! and outlook on a Win PC...


Sounds like most if not all of your Act! issues relate to Outlook and Act! integration.  Have you tried not using the calendar sync?


Further, it could be you have larger issues since you mention that your mouse is weird and you have not had success with Exchange server integration and the Mac OS...


Have a you had an experienced technician come in and attempt to work through these issues for you...