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Act to Salesforce Data Migration

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Act to Salesforce Data Migration

Hello Everyone,


   I need to migrate data from Act to salesforce, Can anyone please advice?



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Re: Act to Salesforce Data Migration

If just contacts, you can export from ACT! to Excel via the Contact List View.

If you want the other data, then you need to be on the Enterprise version of Salesforce (cheaper versions don't have that import function) and you need an addon like itExport to get the data from ACT!

Fortunately, we also have tools to bring the data back ... most users who go to Salesforce end up returning
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Re: Act to Salesforce Data Migration

go out to the web and look for a product from JL Technical as she has a tool to do an export especially for going to Salesforce although as Mike says many that leave come back after the poor performance they receive. I would be interested in knowing your result as a couple of my clients have made the jump and really regretted it a number of months down the track.

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Re: Act to Salesforce Data Migration

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Hi there,

I'm sure that you've found the way to transfer data from Act! to Salesforce but still, hope my answer can help other users that struggle with the same issue.


So, it is possible to migrate  Act! to any Salesforce edition automatically easily, accurately and secure using Data2CRM service.