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Act templates file format

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Act templates file format

We have Act! 2008 version 10 and have gone through the process of updating the wide range of e-mail/letter template from various computers to be in line with our products/services.... Strangely, the files were showing to be updated with our company text when viewing from one computer, but showing as the original standard Act! template on another. After some investigation we've finally figured out that this has to do with the preference on the individual computers/users as some staff have selected MS Word' as a prefernce, while other stayed with the Act! Processor.... Also noticed that some files like the e-newsletter are only available through the Act! Word Processor, while others like the Quote are only available through Word'. Now that's fine for one person.... but in streamlining the system for the company to use... how do we have access to (let alone decide!) which format to use without changing each computers/users preferences each time they want to send a different type of file? Also noticed that when going through the Write>Edit Template or Write>Other Document from template... the system only shows the file type that you have set in your preferences and does not show the other types in different formats.... not to mention the pdf. attachments that we have organised to go with the templates! If you can't see them - how does anyone remember what is available and what format they are in to change the preferences.... unless you're willing to toggle back and forth between Windows Explorer to check what is there.


If anyone else has had the same experience, I would be really greatful - as it seems that there must be a simple solution to this dilema!


Thanks in advance.