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Act not loading - Resolution of dependancy failed

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Act not loading - Resolution of dependancy failed

Can anyone help with this error when trying to run Act for the first time?




I have purchased Act! v16 from an EBay supplier, downloaded  and installed it but it won't run.


Error Message:


Resolution of the dependency failed, type = "Act.UI.ActApplication", name = "".Exception Message is: The current build operation (build key Build Key [Act.UI.ActApplication}, null] failed: Could not load or Assembly 'Act.UI.Search version =, Culture = neutral, public token = ebf6b2ff4d0a08aa' or one of it's dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified (Strategy type DynamicMethodPropertySetterStrategy, Index 1) (Strategy type BuildPlan Strategy, Index 3)


The secondary message is: The application has encountered an error and has been shut down. Would you like to report the error now?




I have been using Act V11 for about a year but uninstalled it some a couple of years ago.


More recently, in installed a trial version of Act V16 and let the trial period expire. I have also uninstalled that.


This installation:


  1. When I first installed it there was an issue with having had a previous version. I tried manually deleting previous versions, and managed to get it to install.
  2. When I tried to run the application after installation was complete I got the error message above.

Since then I have tried:


  • Running Act diagnositics and renaming, deleting and repairing the preferences file;
  • Repairing .NET 4.0;
  • Installing .NET 4.0 over the old version - (It would not install becuase the system was already installed).


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Re: Act not loading - Resolution of dependancy failed

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Re: Act not loading - Resolution of dependancy failed

[ Edited ]

I feel your frustration! I just spent about 8 hours online trying to resolve this issue. I even tried every suggestion from the Act Knowledge Base at

None of these worked. Then noticed that my 32 bit version of Internet Explorer would not run. Only the 64 bit version I had installed would. I thought...perhaps "This was the dependency" that the software could not resolve.

What I did was to download and install the latest version 11 of internet explorer which also installed supporting updates.
Afterwards all worked fine.

I suspect that there was a registry corruption that the updated install corrected.

I can't be sure what was the actually cause but it's fixed and I'm on to other things!

Hope this helps!