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Act no longer support history pop up after writing letter

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Act no longer support history pop up after writing letter



been with Act since it was shareware on a 5 3/4 inch floppy.. before it was called ACT..


Always loyal, always been upgrading, including 12 months ago when I was encouraged to upgrade as windows 10 was imminent, then told when it windows 10 arrived my version of ACt would not be windows 10 complaint and i had to pay to get next version..  talk about great sales techniques!!


I am running windows 10 with Act pro V18  hotfix 3


I needed to upgrade from office 2007 to office 2013..  so i did that the other day


First thing i get is really flakey merging from the templates, it would hardly start 50% of the time... I then got error messages..  I look up the Knowledge base and find an word for word, ( including all error codes  mirrored exactly ) , solution in the database, I apply the 4 fixes to the registry vales from (3) to (9) and then find the letter function activated Word 2013 again.


OK... then i use it on a contact, write the letter then print it... NO POPUP...  no history record.!!


I then ring up ACT here in Australia, get support to help me for a hour.. (later they proudly tell me they didnt charge me for this)


Net result... Unable to get Act pop to work, and half the time if I tried to print it wouldnt work either..


They give in, saying they will ask Swift what to do..


No call in the morning,  I call at 11 am..


Sorry   ACT wont support POPUP after printing to allow a history Log in Word 2013.  Function no longer supported nor available


So can anyone else tell me the answer to this


1/ Why did i get history popups and full logging of documents after printing for the few days that it was functioning prior to crashing


2/ Has anyone out got word 2013 and using windows 10 and  Act V18 and getting a POP UP history box after printing asking to save the file and also if an envelope is required.???


Currently i am really frustrated,   i am forced to use to antiquated ACT wordprocessor... then i have to print the document.  but if I want to email. I have to put the same letter into a blank form with my letter head in WORD 2013. then produce it a s a PDF and email it that way..  it take so long using 2 word processors...  but if i dont use the ACT wordprocessor i cant get a history log and copy of the letter in the contact file.


I did have a long argument with ACT her saying that surely the popup and history Log is essential to all.. he told me Swift wont support it an d its not available... I suggest they talk to swift as a reseller and suggest they rethink this...   he said the management were aware but really would not help me..


So can anyone think of or know of a way I can still use Word 2013 and get POPUPS and record that letter??


ACT is central to my business and now a single contact I work with takes 3 -4 minute longer isung multiple word processors...


any help would be great... ACT support said the earliest anyone there could callme is Wednesday next week..


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‎02-11-2016 02:37 PM
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Re: Act no longer support history pop up after writing letter

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hello Gary


Just as an update..  I thought through this pop up drama... and have a few comments to make about the problem


Firstly, after hearing comments from you and tech support in the USA I am convinced the Australian distributor of Acttoday were pretty disingenuous in telling me the function was not supported and Swift had abandoned the function and  to go use a competitor software as its not something that can never be fixed..


1/  i was beginning to believe them as it was a problem that multiple tech support people could not fix


2/ it took a while, and i was starting to doubt them after hearing from you and from the last tech support guy that it should be working and does for others. The tech support guy told me straight out that the Australian distributors advice was completely false, despite the fact he was unable to remedy the issue but did manage to get me the add in tab back on Word so I could manually record history..


OK... so what happened and how did i fix it..


when you said environmental issues,, i thought through that comment all yesterday... not sure what you meant I looked at this from a different point of view... not knowing how act works, I wondered if the database itself was not configured properly, maybe the databases have more impact on what they do with other programs... what if the database  was an environmental issue??  my laymans view on Act was that the program was the workhorse and the databases were just files in it... maybe to simplistic,,, what if the databases had more impact and had more functionality than just a file in a datbase.. whatever the case right or wrong.. i decided to attack that angle more..


I decided to again do a database maintenance  Check and Repair...


I ran the program...


I closed all programs and restarted all programs..


I  clicked on a templated document and word fired up


I clicked on print and the popup history window appeared..  Ok so far so good


Half way there...


I then reinstated the quickprint feature on the Quick access toolbar (by clicking the tick next to the feature on the drop down menu)


The addins tab remained present ( previously this tab would disappear if you had quickprint present)


I clicked quickprint and the document printed and the Popup Create history box appeared


Everything is completely back to how it should be.


Acttoday  here in australia is absolutely dead wrong, the Popup Create History box does and should work and is an integral part of the program and it is not a feature "only available on a mass mail merge"


Fortunately i persevered and have a completely functioning Act v18 program integrating with office 2013 in a windows 10 environment


Thanks for your encouragement and interest in assisting...   I really appreciate the fact you tried to help and sparked a few ideas in me to get this problem solved myself..









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Re: Act no longer support history pop up after writing letter

[ Edited ]

Hi agentm,


The Create History popup on Word is still supported and available. I've just tested using Windows 10, Act v18 and Office 2016.

However it is recommended to use the Quick Print option in Word to produce this popup.

To enable the Quick Print option, click the dropdown button highlighted below in red, then select Quick Print. 




Clicking the printer button that now appears (highlighted above in green) will print the document and pop up the Create History window asking to record history, and giving you the option to print a template.




Please can you try opening Word from the Write > Letter menu in Act, and let us know how it goes?

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Re: Act no longer support history pop up after writing letter

hello Gary.


its 5:30 Am here, and i cannot get through to support as its 9 - 5 ...  which mean all i can get is level 1 support from the phillipines or india call centres, and the real tech savvy  support in the USA is out of reach..


i tried that, quick print no longer works once i made the 4 registry changes.    if i use the normal print function it  wont POP uP either.


At the moment all templates from Act in Word 2013 wont print either as of a few days back,


i have tried, and  the level one support boith have tried removing and reinstating the quickprint function

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Re: Act no longer support history pop up after writing letter

also, the add in button on word will not show up (it disappears) if i use the Act templates or activate Word from act, so I have no way of manually recording the history at all either.


this happened when the Australian support person changed more registry values then refused  to remedy it ... So i have no idea how its fixed..

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Re: Act no longer support history pop up after writing letter

Just as an update


Act V18 wont sync properly with Office Word 2013


I had spent 3 full hours on waiting and 2 separate calls today as I really needed an ability to use word and log all letters I publish


What the fix is: 


reinstate 2 of the 4 registry fixes I previously changed to get ACT to merge with Word


Remove the Quickprint function -  Which then allows you access to the Addin feature again


Print normally but accept there is no POP UP to follow the print.


Go to the Addin window and then manually record the record each time after you print


They tell me in Windows 10, people with Act 18 will not be able to have the POPUP after the print is requested until they fix this issue, which is on the todo list currently


Its a trade off and not ideal, but at least the basic function can be induced by manually doing this


I wonder How long it will be before the fix will be made?????


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Re: Act no longer support history pop up after writing letter

Thanks for your feedback.

Glad to hear you are able to use at least some of the functionality at the moment, however, from my own testing, the quick print popup function should still work on Windows 10 and Act v18. We have some more detailed info for troubleshooting Word integration in the following KB article:
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Re: Act no longer support history pop up after writing letter

hello gary


i agree the current fix, which is extremely time consuming is far less than acceptable. 


but the inability for ACT v18 to integrate into Word 2013 at the simplest of functions is really extraordinary.  It is very flakey still..  often it just puts up a template rather than the actual merged document.  Act V18 in windows 10 is something that is really unstable..  i can hardly start it, the SQL server not starting is not fixed, which hasd been an issue for me for many many years on all different laptops...  its really a bother to have to fire up that even with the auxillery start up program that ACT supplied me to try to fire up the SQL server,, it still fails 2 out of 6 times..


gary...   the word fix you referred me to is for very outdated programs, none of which are relevant or even relate to the versions of programs in use today


the latest version of word referred to in the fix is 6 years ago for Word...  word 2010!!


I am in a different era... its 2016 now, i am using windows 10 and the latest version of ACt  v 18  into a recent version of word.  2013


in Australia they officially tell their clients that ACT will not support the integration. they say SwiftACT have told them they absolutely dont intend for the history record /Save pop up and envelope request to be part of any word integration..


Tech support from the USA side is different, they believe like me its an integral part   of the program and should work, but it absolutely doesnt work at all and they have no fix for it at all.   But they are claiming its a fix that is known and is on the list to be remedied.


I find it staggering that they tell their distributors to tell their clients there is no desire to have this critical and central feature any more in the program.


my only question is,  how long will this take???    its really a massive inconvenience to manually enter the history...   i paid big dollars to have this windows 10 version, after being told the previous updated version would be supported in windows 10... now it have to do what should be an very handy automated system by manual approach and hope i dont forget to do it on each document...   its really a big problem for me. .  if you get distracted or answer a call and forget to manually load the history, it gets lost... and that means i make mistakes with my clients...


its a real bad fix.... and a real bad problem..




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Re: Act no longer support history pop up after writing letter

It sounds like there are a lot of environmental issues in the mix here. These intermittent issues can be particularly tricky to troubleshoot, especially if we can't replicate them on our side, as in this case.

The functionality of the Word integration is part of the basic feature-set of Act and should work as expected. We aren't currently aware of any outstanding defects in this area, that are reproducible and are caused by a compatibility issue. If we do come across any defects after reviewing your issues, they will certainly be recorded and addressed.

I'm looking into getting some further assistance for you on this issue.
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Re: Act no longer support history pop up after writing letter

[ Edited ]

Hello Gary


thanks for that


my conversations with last tech support guy was along the lines of this being a known bug, and it was unsolvable currently.  ( I ring into the USA and use their services as much as i can as the australian support wont assist at all)  But i really think they dont even understand what the database does or how its used by anyone... its really staggering...


the guy whom came and shared my laptop and worked on it the other day, knew all about the problem.  he said the fix he was applying was a trade off..


The fix was to change back a few registry numbers and removing the quickprint button off the quick access tool bar - the result of those two things returned to view the add in menu bar, it wouldnt to show up in word,  it would not appear before that on any templated word documents...


he said you either have the choice of no history generation at all and keeping the quick print button  OR  remove quickprint and printing the normal way and then you have the option of generating a history via the manual method... the long way round... where you click on add ins.. click on the act addin drop down, click on generate history.. then commence the history generation and save of the document...


its not ideal,, i have already missed a few times on calls coming in and losing a history on a contact... you have to really concentrate on something that was previously so simple and easy..


but what is interesting is that you are saying this feature is a part of ACT yet the Australian distributors tell me the Swift response to them is that Act will not support this anymore and to go to a competitor database.. He said the only time the history generator would appear was on a mas mail merge... otherwise Act saw no need for the function...  I pleaded they go to Swift and rethink this strategy,,, he wouldnt,, nor would the managers here for the distributors... 


As Act is the core of my business, i cant just move the database overnight...  I need to find an alternate, then study it , and then make sure i can 100% clean change without disruptions...


So by ringing into the USA tech support centres,,, and having the temporary fix given to me thus far was the best I could do to at least keep running my business, letter writing is core and central to all my contacts... and records of those documents are legal requirements,,  hence the popup history generator being crucial  for me... 


I hope you can assist as Australia distributor has given up entirely,,, I am looking for a solution,,, if none is available I have to seriously look at moving to a database that does integrate into word... 


any help would be really appreciated...

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Re: Act no longer support history pop up after writing letter

If you don't mind spending a little bit of money you can get a copy of Outlook IntegrateR1 from DesignR1 which provides Outlook integration.  Here is a link to their product.








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