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Act! for Windows 12 Cannot Synchronize or Recreate RDB

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Act! for Windows 12 Cannot Synchronize or Recreate RDB

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I have just installed Act! premium on a Windows (64bit) 7 laptop (main database), a Vista PC (remote db) and a windows xp pc (remote db). In that order.


I created a remote db for the Vista pc and set it up to synchronise with no problem at all. Then i set up the same remote db on thexp pc but it couldn't sync with the main db (win 7 laptop) because it 'couldn't acquire the sync server object' so i installed the network sync server from the DVD on all three pc's.


This is where it all went wrong. The win xp machine still has the same issue (even with network sync server uninstalled on the remote pc's) so i am giving up on that one for the moment. But since installing the NSS on the win7 pc the Vista can no longer sync as the 'synchronize tab' is greyed out. I have changed user permissions in all the act folders on the win 7 pc to full control, uninstalled the nss and tried to eecreate the remote db. The last part is even more frustrating because i get the error message in the pic below. I have tried everything but I can't sync anymore and yet the remote vista pc is saying that 'sync' is active in the sync panel. When I get the main db details on the vista pc it says it's 'disabled' but the remote db (vice versa) is 'active'.


I'm completely baffled now because i can't recreate the db which was my only hope. What next? uninstall and reinstall? help thanks!







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Re: Act! for Windows 12 Cannot Synchronize or Recreate RDB

You went wrong in several ways:


  • You can not use the same remote on more than one PC. You must create a new remote on each one
  • The Network Sync server should only be on one PC ... the main one.


I would look at starting from scratch and following the articles in the Knowledge Base or getting a consultant to assist you.


You might have a look at this for some help:

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Re: Act! for Windows 12 Cannot Synchronize or Recreate RDB

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Thanks for the reply.

So if I have to start from scratch again can you reccomend how I would do it without losing any information that has been updated since? ie records, contacts and calendar appointments that have been added.

Do I have to just take back ups of the RDB and the main DB then restore them somehow? Or do I have to export the information somehow?

Do i need to uninstall and reinstall or is that not needed? Do I have to manually install the NSS or does it install as part of the main install.


Could you also have a llok at the image in the link 'Act' to tell me where that error message is coming from?


Can I simply rename the master database then recreate the remote db from that?




(Will Look at the article now)