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Act for Palm OS and Companion Link ?

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Act for Palm OS and Companion Link ?

I used to use Act for Palm OS (2006 version). I was about to purchase the new version (for Act 10) until I saw the info on Companion Link. I need 2 way synching and more info synching to my palm (like notes and multiple user fields).
I dont like Palm OS because it will not integrate with the palm software (like dropping the contacts in the email and text message "to" boxes). 
What are the main differences between the two?  So the question is:  Act for Palm OS or Companion Link?
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Re: Act for Palm OS and Companion Link ?

Companion Link syncs to the standard address book and calendar in the PDA.
This means that you lose quite a bit of ACT! functionality... notes, historys, resheduling activities can all have issues with CL.
But CL supports more devices and means dialling/emailing are done just by the PDA - no influence from ACT!, but no history recorded either
Why not try the trial of both and see how you go