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Act! doesn't support Unicode (or Chines) - again

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Act! doesn't support Unicode (or Chines) - again

In my previous post, I reported that sync with Palm has problem with Chinese characters. It seems that Sage will stop support for Palm, so I tried to sync with Windows Mobile.

No chance, it doesn't work neither.


I've tried Act! 2010, with a HTC S740 with WM6.1, Active Sync 4.5.0.

Type Chinese in Act! is OK, but the synchronization is not: last characters in strings are missing.


Any suggestion ?

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Re: Act! doesn't support Unicode (or Chines) - again

Maybe see if they work with Handheld Contact - try either the Entry (free) or Basic which both sync to the phone's normal apps, or try Professional, which sync's to it's own application


I don't know if they've been tried with Chinese, but I'd like to know :-)