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Act by Sage 2009 (11.0) and Sync with another user

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Act by Sage 2009 (11.0) and Sync with another user

I have a question,  I am not very computer technical, so here we go.    My business partner and I both have act by sage 2009 11.0 (the standard) edition.     We both work out of a our own home office's (not on the same network)  are we able to sync our data?


I was able to send her a copy of the remote data base, but she she tries to sync she gets the following error message:


Act is unable to connect to sync server, check to be sure that accept incoming sync is enabled  and that the network sync service is running.   Also be sure that you are connected to your network


Where do we go from here??



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Re: Act by Sage 2009 (11.0) and Sync with another user

Let's say for example, you work from your home office and so does the other person, right? What that means to us "techie's" is that you are not on the same network connection.

 (not on the same network means not sharing an internet connection)

You would have 2 options if you remain on ACT! by Sage 2009 version 11.0:

1) one person needs to visit the other and be connected to the same home office network to "Sync".

 This would be the simplest and all you would need is their PC/Laptop to be able to use your internet connection, most likely wireless.  (there are some other considerations such as antivirus settings but this is the cheapest, simplest)


2) you would need to work with a IT/consultant to set up a virtual network. Setting this up is not hard but makes sense if you could not meet at one another's workplace or if it would be physically silly and required a lot of travel time. 


You could upgrade to the Premium version and host your sync services so you would not need to mess with any of this, and there is a monthly cost involved with this type of installation as well as your software upgrade.

I hope that helps a little.



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