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Act and Dymo Label Writers

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Act and Dymo Label Writers

I use Act 10 and I also have a Dymo labelwriter 330 far i have not been able to use the two together..any one have any ideas as to how i can integrate them?  thanks. 
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Re: Act and Dymo Label Writers

I found these instructions from Dymo's knowledge base.  If you have trouble with these steps, please contact Dymo.


Installing the DYMO LabelWriter Add-In for ACT!


Instructions for ACT! 2005 - 2008

Note: You will need DLS version 7 (earlier versions of DLS are not compatible with ACT! 2005 - 2008). Click here to be redirected to the Drivers and Downloads section.

  1. Install DLS 7 after ACT! has been installed. The DYMO Add-In for ACT! is installed automatically by the DLS installation program.
  2. After DLS 7 has been completely installed, a Print DYMO Label option should appear in the Tools menu in ACT!


Adding the DYMO icon to the toolbar in ACT! 2005 - 2008

  1. In ACT! go to Tools > Customize > Menus and Toolbars.
  2. Click on the Commands Tab.
  3. Under the Categories heading, select Tools.
  4. Under the Commands heading, scroll down until you see Print DYMO Label.
  5. With the left mouse button, click and hold down on the Print DYMO Label icon.
  6. While holding down on the left mouse button, drag the Print DYMO Label icon up to the toolbar in ACT!. You will now be able to print your contact information from ACT! by either clicking on the DYMO icon that appears in the ACT! Tools menu or the DYMO icon that appears in the ACT! toolbar.



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Re: Act and Dymo Label Writers

I spent three hours on this yesterday.  If for some reason you go through these instructions and you can not locate your DYMO print lables in the menu...  DYMO has to be installed AFTER act.  If you installed DYMO before act you have to re-install dymo in order to get this to work.  Once you do that it works beautifully!  I found the info on the Dymo website after I had pulled all my hair out.  Hope it spares you some of the frusteration.
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Re: Act and Dymo Label Writers

I have the plug in loaded, but when I start ACT and click on the dymo icon for the current window it's blank.  Do I have to create a template?  If so how, and then do I install it with the folder having the Avery templates?
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Re: Act and Dymo Label Writers

remember to update to the new version of Dymo 8.2.1 if you have ACT! by Sage 2011