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Act V15 and Outlook

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Act V15 and Outlook

Hi All,


I'm hoping someone can help, even with part of this email.  I'm using act v15.1.108 and outlook 2010


I've read various posts stating that you can't mail merge to contacts from the personal email field.  Is this correct as I seem to manage it, but get the odd glitch.


We have two types of contacts in the same databse - customers and candidates as we are a recruitment business.  Our clients utilise the default email address, our candidates emails are stored under the personal address (it is either one of the other - never both).


I've found that to mail merge to the personal address, you just have to make sure that the default email field is blank.  Does anyone else do this?  Does it work ok for you?


I do however get the occasional problem with this, the emails can be sent to another contact with the same name.  I suspect that act sends to outlook ok (as i'm ok using lookups etc.) - but then I think outlook very occasionally uses its own 'suggested contacts' and causes the error.  i.e.


I sent an email to a John Smith via act mail merge

It shows that it has been sent to John Smith in my outlook sent items (with the correct Act email address)

A different john smith will respond (a friend perhaps who is not logged on act at all) ask why i mailed them


I hope i am making sense!  Has anyone ever experienced this?


The only other solution I can think of, is to create two separate databases - one for client and one for candidates, and both can use the defult email field to solve this.  This isn't ideal though as we regularly swap between the databases.


Any help would be great.





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Re: Act V15 and Outlook

You are correct, a way around sending a mail merge to the personal email field is to make sure that the default email field does not have any data in it. 


The way that the mail merge works, is that it should be pulling from the default email field (unless blank, in which case it looks at the personal email address) and placing that email address as the one that it will send to, then it gets sent over to Outlook. Once it has been sent over to Outlook, it is in Outlook's hands from there. If you're looking in your sent folder for the email you sent and it shows up as the right email address, but someone else responds with a different email address, there might be something wrong with Outlook. Although, I can't think of a reason why this would happen, and I haven't personally encountered this. Perhaps there's a data mismatch with the email address. Is this something that you're able to replicate consistently, or does it just seem kind of random?

Elise O.
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Re: Act V15 and Outlook

Hi Elise,


Thanks for the response and your help.


The simple answer is that it seems kind of random (and rare), i've had it on a few occassions where i've sent an email to John Smith via his personal account, but i might get a response from his work account (so the names are kind of linked but not via act - we would have 2 john smiths in act - 1 personal and 1 work).  I have also had instances where i've sent to one john smith, and i've had a response from a totally different john smith.


I have also checked that the recipient hasn't had their personal emails on divert to their work emails.  I suspect it is an outlook problem and i have now deleted all of the suggested contacts to try and clear any similar names accounts - but this list will start to build again through normal outlook use.


I haven't been able to replicate the issue, it is difficult as we are using live data and addresses and i don't want to cause any more problems.


You have re-affirmed my thoughts so i'll see if there is any known outlook issue (wish me luck)!


Many thanks