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Act V.17 sync over VPN Logmein Hamachi

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Act V.17 sync over VPN Logmein Hamachi

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I know there are already posts on this subject on forum and some Knowledgebase articles but we need some up to date help for "dummies".  We are not techies but have been using Act for 10 years and can normally solve all our issues by reading the knowledgebase, using the internet and various help comments.  However this seems to have us stumped! Sure it is something simple but cannot solve.  Is there are VPN and/or Act expert who could message us or talk us thro in "baby steps to get it working


Background Info :  We currently run Act V.17 Pro on 2 laptops side by side in our home office in Northern Ireland. They Sync happily across our home network using our home router,  To keep it simple for anyone who can comment I will call these 2 laptops Ni1 and Ni2.

Ni1 runs main database and is Acer machine running Windows 7 and Ni2 runs the remote DB and is a Samsung running Windows 8.1.  Both have McAfee internet security and firewall.  


We want to trial a new employee who lives in England 200 miles away and want to sync Act over a VPN and have downloaded Logmein Hamachi.  I will call his laptop En1.  


So Far:  We have have cut a remote DB and installed on En1 which could sync fine when at home on our home network.  En1 is now in England. We have downloaded Hamachi and the 2 computers Ni1 +En1 communicate.  We know this as we get "green lights" on Hamachi contact panel.  We have completed the "ping" tests recommended by Hamachi.  We can "ping" both ways.


En1 needs to sync with Ni1 (which is the "server") and Ni1 needs to synch with Ni2.  


Problem:  When En1 user hits tools/synchronise database/sychronise now En1 tries to connect over Hamachi VPN and shows that end is trying to connect.  However En1 gets "synch failed".


We have looked at the "sync failed" stuff on Hamachi website and on Knowledgebase and some tech comments on google but cannot get the sync to operate. All programs have full permissions in firewall and internet security as far as we can tell.  All databases are running as "administrator".


Can someone who is syncing a act database this way please talk us through their setup as it might help us find out what we are missing or can anyone shed some light on what we are missing?  Maybe someone can help us "test" to find what we are missing?  Whatever, HELP definitely required.



Postscript; for the time being it appears the En1 laptop is not showing in our Network so this is probably why the sync wont work.  Will work on this and post further