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Act V-11 Database Access Denied

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Act V-11 Database Access Denied

I have been a happy user of the ACT software since 2000, and for the first time, it failed me totally.


I went to open my most recent version of Act from Sage and it asked me for a password, which I've never created one as I'm the only one in my company of 200 plus employees that use the program. The database is installed on my external hard drive and not on any server. The main program resides on the hard drive of the laptop I've used for several months now successfully.



I click through the screen that requests a password and get the following message: The Database (name) could not be accessed. In order to access this database, check you rnetwork connection and verify that your database server is available. It may be necessary to disable your firewall software on your computer or the server.


I have 1700 plus customers on this database with a ton of vital information amassed over several years and really need to get access to it again.


Thank you,


Michael McCoy

Kingsbury, Inc.

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Re: Act V-11 Database Access Denied

First you should know that it's very bad to have the database on a drive that can be disconnected.


If the drive isn't connected when you boot Windows, it can lose the SQL connection ... or worse, if it disconnects when Windows is running can corrupt the database.


Try rebooting ... if still not working, try the options listed in this ACT! Knowledge Base article -