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Act Sync

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Act Sync

Hello, and thanks for any help in advance. I am a contract PC tech and was solicited to upgrade a small office network, and install ACT 2007. I called ACT tech support and they walked me through setting up a shared data file on our Peer File server. We had 3 PC's talking to our peer server, only now, 45 days later, one of them won't talk. Of course that being said, the one that is not syncing to the peer server just had several hours worth of input yesterday, that won't sync. I advised them to purchase tech support from act, but they are on a shoe string just now, and I agreed to help them.


The other 2 PC's are syncing just fine.


I will be visiting them tomorrow in the AM and I am posting here in hopes of getting some advance help with this issue. I am not an ACT expert, quite the opposite. I am however great with PC technology in general. I seem to remember the Tech saying that if something like this happened, I should change the port number or somesuch. I wish I had written that info down now!


Unfortunately I am not onsite there, and don't have too much info besides the fact that the other 2 pc's are syncing fine, and that the pc which is NOT syncing is, in fact networked properly, and CAN access shared folder on the peer server.


Could some one take pity on me (us) and post some useful tips? I don't have the hours to research this tonight, but I will check back here tomorrow.


Thanks again for any advice.


Jason Thompson