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Act Sync issues

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Act Sync issues

I'm wanting to purchase ACT! but i’m currently at a stalemate. I’m have a problem with the way act synchronises and deals with conflicts. In short: Change the phone number of the same contact two databases, synchronise them and they BOTH stay as they are i.e. the two databases that have been synchronised should now be identical but they aren’t. The phone number’s stay different. They won’t become the same until an undermined period of time later when one of them is changed again. After this next sync they will be identical again. I have tested this multiple times with brand new databases on brand newly installed computers. I’m ready to buy now but with this issue its really unworkable, even if I could get ACT! to say yes it’s a known issue and there will be a patch later Id be happy to proceed. But I can’t in good faith recommend the product in this state. Any feedback would be appreciated.


Act 2010 has been updated to SP1


Here is a detailed example of the issue with sound etc explain the issue its 5 mins long: