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Act! Sychronizing

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Act! Sychronizing

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I'm into this new setup 4-5 hours and no further ahead than when I started.

Here is my configuration:
- Vista on Dell laptop
- AT&T Tilt with Windows Mobile 6
- Companionlink Version 3.0
- Windows mobile software

I can get my phone to connect to the computer. Windows Mobible synchronizes. Somehow I have my Outlook email on the phone, but I'm unsure if I have changed the setting that go it there in the first place. I cannot get my Act! contracts onto the phone.

I don't understand the Manage Categories. Is this what I'm missing, or do I need other software installed?

Thank you for your help.


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Re: Act! Sychronizing

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If you are having problems with the synchronization you could always contact tech support for CompanionLink and they can help. The number is 503-243-5200

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Re: Act! Sychronizing

You might also have a look at the trial of Handheld Contact - it provides a much more "ACT! like" interface on Windows Mobile or Blackberry smartphones