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Act Swiftpage and Act Emarketing

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Act Swiftpage and Act Emarketing

I am desperately attempting to export my template files from swiftpage.
I worked many hours on them.
With the introduction of act emarketing I needbe able to use my templates inter changeably or how can I choose which is best for me.
Your Swiftpage e support gives me this, no longer supported means that it was at one time supported.
It has 2 workarounds, which I cant get to work (I spent over 30 years in IT) so I call support for some help. told sorry you will have to re-create all the templates in emarketing.
I now do not trust that swiftpage will be suported by act or even be part of act in the long run. My entire business is on Act and I am VERY WORRIED.
Here is your link to your instructions
Which says 

Exporting templates is no longer supported. To mimic this functionality, you can launch a landing page to archive your templates or take the source code from an advanced template by click the Normal/HTML button in the lower left hand corner of the editor. Some users have taken the source code from their landing page and saved it on their computer as well but this process is not supported by Swiftpage.

The Landing Pages tab allows you to view and create Swiftpage landing pages. Note: Entry and Basic level accounts are limited to one active landing page. Pro and Team level accounts are limited to ten active landing pages. (You can always delete an existing landing page to create a new one if you have reached your limit.) Click here for instructions and more details.