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Act Service Pack/Task List

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Act Service Pack/Task List

ACT Pro v17

Microsoft Word 2013

Windows 7 Pro 64bit

Peer to Peer network with Act Database on Windows 7 Server


We just upgraded to ACT! version 17 and I have 2 issues.


The first is regarding the ACT! Service Pack 1 (actpro17sp1_us_update.exe). When I try and install the service pack, it runs through a couple of screens (unpacking, etc) and then shows a screen which offers to 'Remove' the software. Thats it - a 'remove' option? Is this really a service pack or what? This is a brand new computer that has never had ACT on it before.


I really thought the service pack might fix a few issues such as....


2nd issue is that in the task list view where it shows all my tasks, it takes FOREVER to populate this list. I have about 150 total tasks. Doesn't seem like too many. When I select to show tasks for a single user it takes 40 seconds for the list to populate. Or if I delete a task i have to wait another 40 seconds. This is on the server which is storing the database, has 8Gb ram and a fast SSD hard drive. Please tell me the newest version of ACT is not this slow?


Thanks in advance,




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Re: Act Service Pack/Task List

Hello Steve, 


Usually, if you try to run an installer of ours for something that is already installed, you get the option to remove it. That should be the only reason you'd be seeing that.


If you open Act! on the machine that is prompting you to "remove" the software when trying to upgrade, then you click Help > About Act!, what version number does it give you? Does it say 17.1, or does it say 17.0? If it says 17.1, you already have Service Pack 1 for Act! v17.



Usually when the task list starts slowing things down, it's a database issue. This could be that there's a damaged activity somewhere, or you have an abundance of cleared activities in the database, which by default, do not display in the task list, but can be shown by setting an option for it.


What I would recommend doing is opening your Task list, set the range to All Dates, Types to All, Priorities to All, Select Users: All users, then under the Options menu (on the far right, just below the search bar), make sure that it's set to Show Private, Show cleared, and Show Tasks from other applications. 


After doing this, you may need to let it sit for awhile while trying to let it load every possible activity in the database for all users. Once it loads, make a note of the All Dates quantity in the bottom left below the task list. Is that one more than 150? If so, how many?


If this is a multi-user database, do all users experience the same slowness? If you try to load the task list with the demo database, is it also slow?





Elise O.
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Re: Act Service Pack/Task List

Thanks for the response Elise. Regarding the service pack, I guess that must be the case that the service pack is already installed (It says 17.1....). I just don't remember installing it! Regarding the Task list I have 152,000 tasks which I am now working on cleaning up. I did get some good pointers from someone else here in the forum. So I just wanted to say thanks for responding.