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Act Reports - help!

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Act Reports - help!


I'm having trouble with a certain report that I have designed. It won't run with some contacts but it will with others. I've tried restarting and renaming it and it still won't work. When you click 'run report' and define the filters, the print preview box appears but it's grey and empty, like it hasn't loaded properly. I have tried saving it as a Rich Text and PDF etc but I then can't open them once they're saved.  I think it must be corrupted, but don't know how to sort it out. Any ideas???

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Re: Act Reports - help!

Some of the Act! reports will "break" if they are customized or changed in certain ways...


What version of Act! are you using?


What is the basis of the report you customized?  I.e. - what is the name of the report you started with?


Do other reports work as expected?

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Re: Act Reports - help!

Did you start by modifying one of the standard reports? If so that could be the source of your problem. As a general rule I don't try to modify one of the standard report but create the report from scratch. Unless you fully reverse engineer the standard report first your modifications can conflict with hidden fields and VB scripts in the report.

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