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Act Reporting

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Act Reporting



I am trying to generate a report for act. So far the Group Comprhensive would work for me, but my problem is this,


Every note / history for a contact is placed into the report. Is there a way to customize that only certain notes/activities make it into the report? Sometimes clients I have in my database are dealing with 2 differnet projects and certain notes should only be in certain projects reports. Also some notes are just for me and should not be in any reports!


Any idea? Thanks. 



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Re: Act Reporting

For the notes only for you, you can make the note private. The notes and history for both the groups and companies, in the ACT! reports, will list all the notes and history for the company or group and all the notes and history for the contacts in the company or group. To restrict the notes and history to only those for the group or company would require using a third party report generator like Crystal Reports.
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