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Act! Pro Version 18 problems with GMail

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Act! Pro Version 18 problems with GMail

I'm running Windows 1,  recently installed this version of Act!:




I've had several problems integrating with Google Mail (GMail) and have overcome a few of them so I thought I'd post my experiences here:


1. I couldn't get my email history to synchronize with my contacts during the Google Integration process.  Even though I has just installed the package, I was unable to get the ACT technical support to assist without agreeing to have them charge me $40.  After agreeing, the ACT technical support person proceeded to take about 2 hours to not solve my problem.  He said he couldn't refund the $40 charge, but told me I'd have to hire an "Act Consultant" to work on the problem, while paying them $150/hr to assist!  I couldn't be more dissatisfied with the lack of support I received from ACT!


I contacted an ACT consultant (Donna) who was very sympathetic to the pathetic support I received from ACT and spent several hours researching the problem and identifying the underlying design flaw (my opinion) in ACT.  She agreed to only charge me for one hour since it really wasn't my problem.


Here is what Donnna found.  GMail automatically creates contacts when you send (or reply) to email and classifies the email address as "Other".   When ACT imports contacts from GMail, it only selects email addresses that are classified as "Work" so very few of my imported contacts had email addresses.  As a result, the history associated with each of my contacts didn't synchronize.   My solution was to go into GMail and change the type of email address for about 400 contacts from "Other" to "Work".  After that, contacts and histories synchronized properly.


NOTE:   Be careful when synchronizing contacts and calendars.  I'm not sure why, but at time ACT forced GMail to delete all my contacts and calendar entries.  Fortunately, GMail can restore the deleted contacts and calendar information.  Be sure to do this within an hour or the deleted information will be what you restore, or you will be forced to restore information that is a day (or longer) old.


2. I'm now having problems sending email from ACT through the SMTP server at GMail.  Here is the error message I received:






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Re: Act! Pro Version 18 problems with GMail

Hi there, I'm sorry that you've had a negative experience with support so far, let me see if there is anything we can do about your current problem.


With regards to that point, I'm not quite sure what you mean by "sending email from ACT through the SMTP server at GMail." Have you used the SMTP settings from GMail in another program? For instance, have you set up Outlook so that it links in with your GMail acount?

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Re: Act! Pro Version 18 problems with GMail



Thanks for your reply.  I've attached a collection of screen snapshots that show what led to the error message.


1. Clicked on the orange email envelope on the toolbar and selected, "E-Mail Preferences ...".  (See ACT4.jpg)

2. Received error message saying there was no email client (there was one but the error message was generated anyway).   (See ACT3.jpg)

3. Setup the SMTP Server  (see ACT5.jpg)

3. Clicked on orange email envelope icon on toolbar to select "Write email" (See Act4.jpg)

4.New message email box appeared.   (See ACT6.jpg)

5. Before email could be composed, the error original error box reported was displayed.    (See ACT7.jpg)

6. I had to restart ACT


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Re: Act! Pro Version 18 problems with GMail

Hi jpeck0404,

Due to some limitations with secure SMTP ports, the Internet Mail feature within Act will not work with Gmail accounts, this is a old part of the program that has not received much development since the more recent Outlook integration feature was introduced. I would strongly suggest you add your Gmail account to Outlook, then integrate Act with Outlook to gain email sending functionality.

Here are a couple of Knowledgebase articles with more info on Integrating with Office: