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Act! Pro V16 backup

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Act! Pro V16 backup

My normal backup program wont backup my .adf and .alf files.  I cant copy them either because SQL is running (don't know how to shut off all the services... How can I back them up?  I know I can backup the whole database into a zip file, which I do!




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Re: Act! Pro V16 backup

The best thing to do is use the ACT! scheduler to dackup the ACT! database to a public location and have your backup program backup that.

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Re: Act! Pro V16 backup

Hello Frank,


You did not mention what program you were using to do your act backups.

For ACT! users, DB Backups are Very Important to your survival.

I use ACT! to manually backup my databases and personal file items daily. ACT! / File/ Backup / Database , etc...

I also use my Backup Folders Pro to easily manage my manual daily backups.


cheers - FSBill Smiley Happy

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Re: Act! Pro V16 backup

as others stated, the best way to make a backup in ACT is to use the ACT sheduler. (it will create zip files that can be backuped by your default product.



if you still want to make a backup with your default product you need


1. the ACT7SQL password & your Backup product must support SQL backups


2. you need to shutdown the ACT SQL7 Service upfront to the backup, then the backup can run, and backup the database, then after the backup you need to start the ACT7SQL service again.




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