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Act! Pro Remote DB not synching

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Act! Pro Remote DB not synching

Dear All,

We have a problem with a single Act! remote database not synching within a small network or four clients.

The remote database hadn't been utilised for a couple of years when it last synched successfully according to the logs. It is currently not synching with the 'Synch Now' option greyed out and I have checked the Synch Sever and all seems to be set up correctly.

The 'publisher' database is being shared and the remote DB name and machine name/location is correct as well.

The port is the standard 65100 and the firewalls are set up correctly as far as I can see on both the server and the client.

Two things of note is that the Remote DB Information details the Database Server Name as the local machine (not the Server machine, not sure if this is correct ?), and the Sync Role is blank. The Sync Enabled value is true.

Any assistance in getting this sorted would be appreciated. We are using Act! Pro version HF2 on all clients



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Re: Act! Pro Remote DB not synching

a database that is a couple of years would be considered suspect at best.  DO you have a lot of data in that database that is orphaned from the master databases?  If not, it's best to just cut a new remote datbase.


Without going into a lot of details, if the sync now database is not available, it's possilbe the datbase is damaged and or that syncing has been disabled.


If you do have a lot of data that is orphaned, it might be best to move the Remote database back to the server, adn look up contact activity that has changed since the last sync and do an import to get it to the master and then  to create a new remote database.

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