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Act Pro 2013 Smart Tasks

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Act Pro 2013 Smart Tasks

Note to Act Pro 2013 Smart Task users:


It appears that there is an application issue/problem with Smart Tasks in the 2013 (when you have numerous and more complex smart tasks they fail to fire). I have received confirmation of this from Sage Act! senior technical support and I was told that the developers are working on it. It appears that there is a conspiracy of silence of this issue but my understanding from numerous follow up calls to higher level technical support is that this issue will not be fixed anytime soon, at best the solution will be in the form of a hotfix but at worst you'll have to live with it until the 2014 version.


I don't understand why users have not been notified on this issue. My guess is that Smart Tasks is a low priority item relative to the Windows 8 compatibility hotfix that is to be released early in the New Year but this doesn't justify turning a blind eye to the problem.


Your thoughts?

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Re: Act Pro 2013 Smart Tasks

I am with you on this topic and a year has passed since your post.


I am new to smart tasks although have a fair understanding at this point. I am using v16 and can get them to run but it appears if there are completed tasks on the status tab list, the same task will not run for another record. At least this is what I've deduced my issue to.  

If I rename those smart task so the completed list clears, then a new record will run. This only allows 1 record to be run against the task series until the template is renamed and deleted again.


I have some lengthy tasks that work perfectly but until the problem is fixed they cannot be used. I guess the majority of us do not use this feature, including me until recently as noted.


Hopeful wishing for a resolution soon.