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Act Pro 2013 - Attaching Outlook History

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Act Pro 2013 - Attaching Outlook History

I've done some test with the various ways of attaching outlook email history to act contacts and I have to say it is not clear to me how this works. And how I think it works seems prone to cause duplication.


I've got 1Gb of PST file history to link to Act so any pointers on the best approach would be great. I WILL HAVE TO CREATE LOTS OF NEW contact I know that for sure. Many of them contacts for existing company's that we deal with.


1. Will it pick up secondary contacts (I think not)

2. Will it use E-mail field? Or personal email field? Or both? To match

3. If there is not a match then no message is displayed - that's not great

4. If it prompts to create a new record then it only creates name and email..Surely it could pick up the full info from the COMPANY field (if exists) or from another member of the same company

5. Is there a tool which simulates the attach process but then tells me what email addresses do not match act records

6. Some of our clients have moved from personal email (now defunct) to proper business emails how can I handle defunct email addresses?


Help !!! And/or pointers to "best practice" or tools that do this properly would be gratefully received


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Re: Act Pro 2013 - Attaching Outlook History

any comments still welcomed

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Re: Act Pro 2013 - Attaching Outlook History

So many questions


1. Only looks in contact not secondary

2. Email field

3. There is an icon displayed in the task bar right click and show progress then you can manually attach

4. no it takes the info from the email

5. see no 3

6. You can use the icon from Outlook attach to contact and then pick the contact from the database list



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Re: Act Pro 2013 - Attaching Outlook History

thaks Paul I appreciate your answer and i know you don't work for Act


2. That's rubbish...I sense an enhancement request there. people's emails change, people use different ones at home etc etc. An advanced match would look at both emails

3. manually attach 100s ! hmmm. some tool to go through as a real attach WITHOUT attaching would do and produce a report of the incorrect addresses would be great. then errors can be corrected and the tool run for real. a tool that cold scn secondary emails for matches would also be good.

6. again for lots this is impractical.


question 6 was really badly phrased. what if someone changes their email address within the company (eg pat@mycompany to psmith@mycompany as the comapny gros and there are 2 Pats) or if the company is taken over or if you want to store a correct email but don't use it (I change to XXpsmith@mycompany to show that I shouldn't use that email BUT then of course it can't be recognised on the import)


thanks for the response again.