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Act Pro 2011 Font within layout appears small

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Act Pro 2011 Font within layout appears small

This one has me stumped.  I've recently built two new PCs for the office admin staff.  Completely new hardware and fresh installs of Win7 Pro.  Both systems have dual monitors at 1920x1080.


I installed Act! pro 2011 and when I log in and view the dashboard the font size is adjusted down somehow.  My windows settings are at 96dpi (100%) and everything else in Act and other applications are fine, but not the layout.  If I go to modify the layout I can select a field and see that it is set to Microsoft Sans Serif 11pt bold.  If I select 11pt from the drop down box (basically doing nothing) the font seems to increase about 4 or 5 points.  Even changing the font to 8pt increases the displayed size slightly.  This affects simple text title blocks and the data in the data fields.  Everything within the layout is small, despite being set to 11pt.  


Personally I find the small text fine, but both of the admin staff have poor eyesight and have complained of having to strain to read their contact pages.


Please help!




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Re: Act Pro 2011 Font within layout appears small

Is this a custom layout or the default layout? Does the Layout display the same way on any machine it is viewed on? Have you tried to edit multiple layouts or in the demo to see if they behave the same way when trying to edit them? It's possible that the layout may have become corrupted, in which case you would need to rebuild it or try to fish a copy of the layout out of a backup from when the layout previously functioned properly.

Elise O.
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Re: Act Pro 2011 Font within layout appears small

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