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Act! Premium v20 two sales queries pls

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Act! Premium v20 two sales queries pls

 Hopefully someone can assist with these two queries.  Knowing Act! well I wouldn't normally ask these questions, but since two of our clients ARE asking...


Auto creation of ACT Opportunities – similar to a recurring ACT Activity would be great


We are happy to trigger the auto creation of Opportunities by Smart Tasks (preferably), activities, field contents, layout button, etc.



Using ACT Opportunities as a workflow where the client needs to perform bookkeeping jobs period after period, and prefers a new opportunity per job per client.  With hundreds of customers the client cannot afford the time to manually create each Opportunity per job every month and needs this to be automated either (1) manually en masse (±1 step) at the beginning of each month; or (2) automatically recurring based on criteria for recurring periods / deadlines (this is our preferred route please).


Auto delegation of ACT Smart Tasks (or any alternative automated tasking solution)


I realise the setup of a Smart Task Activity can involve conditions, etc. and my query is about the allocation to the ACT User via the Schedule For button, which I understand is a manual setup during the Smart Tasks creation for all ACT Users.


i.e: if I want to task someone other than the “Record Manager” I need to manually set Schedule For in the Smart Task creation.


Can you suggest which of your Addons may allow us to allocate Smart Tasks to an ACT User based on the contents of a field where the Schedule For is either filled in automatically or unneeded?


We are particularly interested in ACT being able to alert a manager if a staff task / ACT User Activity has been left undone or has missed a deadline (based on the contents of a field)?


Any help or advice you can offer would be much appreciated!


Many thanks, Garrett

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Re: Act! Premium v20 two sales queries pls

Take a look at this free tool add-on which I think is what you are looking for regarding the opportunity question.


No answer on the 2nd question that I know of.