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Act/Outlook synching has never worked for me

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Act/Outlook synching has never worked for me



I've been trying to synch Act and OL for a couple of years and nothing has ever happened.  I tried again today, trying to get OL to update Act, and Act flashes some screens for a microsecond but when its all done nothing has changed.   I have two appointmnets in my calendar in OL for today, and neither show up on my calendar or anywhere else in Act.


I am using Version, Hotfix 1.  I have Act set up as an address book within OL but I don't think that matters.  I've been through the tutorial and checked any combination I can think of.  Simply nothing ever happens. 


I've lived through this for a few years but its getting annoying, plus its something Act should be doing but isn't.  


Any thoughts on what else I can try or overlooked??  Please don't suggest add-ons.  



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Re: Act/Outlook synching has never worked for me

Try removing all act activities from outlook and all act activities from outlook (This is Ok as each source still has the activity) by Tools Outlook Activities> Remove Activities.


Then turn off all Antivirus software (temporarily and ideally disconnected from your network/internet to be safe) and try the update again. Usually it will be some security software (Antivirus or firewall) which is stopping Act and Outlook from talking to each other.