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Act.Outlook.Service issues - Can someone help?

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Act.Outlook.Service issues - Can someone help?

I have been having problems with this for some time now. Occasionally I get a little window that pops up and the message is: Act.Outlook.Service - Exception of type 'System.OutofMemoryException' was thrown. Other times I know this Act.Outlook.Service just stops working. I have been mostly successful at getting it running again by just shutting everything down and re-starting my computer. Unfortunately it is happening at an increasing frequency and now today after just an hour or so after re-starting my computer I get this message again.


I am using Windows 7 with ACT! by Sage 2010 Version, Hot Fix 1.


Pretty sure it is not an issue with my computer not having enough RAM as I have a 2.7GHz processor, & 6.0GB of RAM


Can someone tell my what to do so this does not continue to happen?




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Re: Act.Outlook.Service issues - Can someone help?

I believe that there is a later hotfix (4) and I would suggest the first things you do is download this and see if it makes a difference to your system.

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