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Act / Outlook Email

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Act / Outlook Email

I am currently using Act 2009 and from time to time send email blasts to my customers using the built in email template system via Outlook.  I like to design my own templates using Microsoft Word.  This system works just fine, except that sometimes my customers do not receive the images when they open the emails.   If I send them one at a time it's fine, but when sent in a batch this is when the problem occurrs.   I have been told in other forum posts that this is a problem with ACT and not Outlook and I tend to agree as when sent one at a time they arrive fine.


I've been looking for another solution to my email sending, and have looked at Swiftpage.  It looks good, but I don't like the fact that you have to work and store everything on their website.  It's a rather 'clunky' system, when Word handles templates so well.  I would like to continue to use the built in ACT email templates via Outlook.   I have been reluctant to upgrade to either 2010 or 2011 though because this is the only enhancement in which I'm interested.


I suppose my question is this.   Will Act 2011 give me better email integration with Outlook?  Or will I still have this same problem with images not appearing properly in a batch send?


Thanks for any help.



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Re: Act / Outlook Email

I have ACT 2011 and am experiencing the same problems. Our IT person says the issue is with ACT too. A test of 2012 proved the same issue with images.