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Act Modifies Outlook Contacts after every email

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Act Modifies Outlook Contacts after every email


I am using ACT! Pro 2013 with Outlook 2010.  I have ACT! set to sync with with Outlook and everythign seeems to be updating just fine.  


My issue is that everytime I email a contact, the next time ACT! and Outlook sync, it modifies the Outlook contact.  Nothing is actually being changed in the Outlook contact (most of the time). 


I assume since I emailed a contact, ACT! added the email to the ACT! contacts history, so when it is time for ACT! and Outlook to sync, the program thinks that the contact data haas been modified, but really nothing that Outlook tracks has been modified.


This might seem harmless, but I do like to use the Outlook modified date to show when I added or modified a contact.  Now that date is changed everytime I send an email to the contact.


Also, this frequent modifications slows outlook down (has to process a lot of contact changes after a ACT!/Outlook sync) and causes issues with Androids syncing.


Is there any way to make ACT! only sync actual contact field changes?  Or a reasonably priced syncing solution.  Seems like most 3rd party sync software is very expensive.


Thanks for your help.


Jeff Cowart

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Re: Act Modifies Outlook Contacts after every email

Does anyone else have this issue or is it just me?


Does anyone know of any type or sync log between ACT! and Outlook.  Surely the changes are being recorded somewhere...


Any help would be appreciated.