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Act Mobile Live Not Updating Message-Partial Solution

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Act Mobile Live Not Updating Message-Partial Solution

When I attempt to sync my database to the portal using the new (as of February 2) Sage Act for Mobile, I get a message saying that the sync was interrupted.


After my spending maybe an hour with a tech, she finally checked one of her databases and discovered that Sage knows of this issue with the new Sage Act for Mobile. What Sage knows is that the message is fallacious, and that the sync does proceed properly.  I checked this out with the tech watching by adding a contact and re-syncing, and the new contact did appear in the portal's database.  Apparently, Sage is correct that the message should not appear.


One simply has to ask why does Sage allow such errors occur in the dark?  Its techs didn't know, clearly its representatives who monitor this board didn't know, and nothing relevant is posted in its Knowledge Base.


None of this is uncommon with Sage, which consistently does a lousy job of informing its own staff and customers of bugs (of which there have always been too many), causing untold wastes of time.