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Act Mail Merge via Outlook terminates abnormally

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Act Mail Merge via Outlook terminates abnormally

Add another bug to the list associated wth Act. And add another full day to the time it takes to find workarounds.


Act does not directly support email systems that use SSL, which these days means most of them. As a workaround, Act enourages you to use Outlooks' facilities for this purpose.


However, Act's implemenation using Outlook 365 is imperfect.'s disasterous if one is trying a large (100 names) mail merge. When using Outlook 365, Act puts its mail merge results in Outlook's draft folder. It is in practice possible to send the resulting meails directly from Outlook if all is well.


But sometimes Act screws up Outlook so that any attempt to even access the Draft folder with the outgoing emails causes Outlook to immediately terminate abnormally. 


That makes debugging really tough and results in the two problems discussed below.


(1) Outlook is rendered partially inoperable as anything to do with the Draft folder causes an immediate termination of the program. The fix for that is to use scanpst to scan the relevant OST file The OST file location is delineated in Outlook under File/Account settings/account settings/email accounts/data file. Finding the SCANPST program is harder as MS keeps moving it [around and the latest location cannot, as far as I could determined, be Googled. It's at [your disk drive]Smiley Tonguerogram files/microsoft office 15/root/office15. Do a scan of all ost and pst files and repair when indicated. Then reboot. If the files in the draft folder are still there, right click on the draft folder, select "Mark all as read" and :"delete all", rescan and reboot. That'll probably fix up the problem so Outlook becomes usable again. It may be necessary to repeat the procedure several times.


(2)To send the mail merge emails, find a vendor who supports the nonncripted POP3 protocol. It'll work then, after applying as a bug fix the BAT file that will be remacommended in a Act popup.


Brutal, yes. Unavoidable, equally yes, as long as one is using Act.